All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise indicated by the teacher(s).
Please feel free to email me at or (for 701) if you have any questions about assignments.

No h.w.

We will work on our essays on 5/23 and 5/24

Please check in with your teacher about your essay.

Complete your body paragraph #2 and add it to your google doc.

By this evening you should have typed up and shared with us:
1. your introduction
2. body paragraph 1
3. body paragraph 2

Remember to share your homework with the emails above in a google doc.

Your title of your google doc should be your name Chains essay (eg. EmilyOliapuramChainsEssay)

1. Complete your introductory paragraph draft for your Chains essay. Please use the worksheet you received in class to help you out.

2.You have an opportunity to revise your quiz. Use your notes, textbook, an online resources to help you answer any question you would like to revise at the beginning of class on Monday. Please remember this assignment will be graded as a quiz. Use the pdf document below to biew the questions.


Name: Date: _
CHAINS Spring Break Homework
Now that you have finished Chains, you will now start gathering evidence for your upcoming essay. Below you will find the potential choices for the essay:

Essay Topics for Chains
How are the colonies pursuits to break their “chains” away from England similar to Isabel breaking out of her own “chains”? How are they different?
What are Isabel’s greatest strengths?
How is the story of Chains a story of slavery?
What does the author reveal about slavery through this novel?
Why does the author tell the story of the Revolutionary War from the point of view of a twelve-year-old enslaved girl?
What are Isabel’s greatest strengths?
Who is the most powerful character of Chains?

Step 1
Choose an essay topic that you think you can begin to answer when class resumes after Spring Break.

Step 2
Based on your essay topic, look back in the Chains novel and find 6-8 examples that will help you with your claim.
(For example, if you want to identify Isabel as the most powerful character in Chains and claim she has the power of family/friendship, determination and knowledge, you would need to find at least 6-8 instances in the novel that would she has the power of family/friendship, determination and knowledge.)

Step 3
Write these 6-8 examples down on a separate piece of looseleaf paper. Make sure to include the page number and an explanation of what you are writing about.
(For example, if you want to cite Isabel having the power of friendship on page 227, your answer might look like this:
On page 227, Isbabel shows how powerful she is with her power of friendship. Lady Seymour reveals to her that she is aware of Isabel fleeing to the prison to give Curzon food. This shows Isabel has power of friendship because she risks her life to make sure Curzon eats and survives.)


worksheet distrubuted in class

No hw for 701

12/2/15 due tomorrow
Please re-do reading notes 3.3. and 3.4. This means please read the sections in your History Alive Textbook and then, in your own words, please re-do the reading notes for sections 3.3 and 3.4. Again, please put the reading notes in your own words and make sure to include a symbol/sketch for each note.

Chapter 3 Reading Notes are Due on Wednesday December 2, 2015
Only complete reading notes 3.3. - 3.10
Do NOT complete the Preview, 3.2 or Processing Sections

No homework

No homework

1. Choose one cultural group to focus on our annotated diagram quiz tomorrow. Use your returned Reading Notes and corresponding section in the textbook to help you out.

2. On loose leaf please respond to the following question: "How were the Taino the Men of the Good?" Use three details from the Taino reading and the chart we created in class to help you out.

No school

10/9/15 (Homework)

1. Read both articles on Columbus Day. One argues we should not celebrate Columbus, the other states that we should continue to celebrate this day.

2. Complete the T-Chart in Which You give 4 reasons for each side (on loose leaf)

Reasons to Not Celebrate Columbus Day
Reasons To Celebrate Columbus Day

3. Create a poster on computer paper or construction paper (nothing bigger than 8 1/2 X 11 please) in which you show visually YOUR opinion on this topic. In other words your poster should show if you are FOR or AGAINST celebrating Columbus Day. In your poster you should include:

a. A thought provoking Title that shows your opinion
b. A Colorful Visual (or visuals) that support your opinion - your visual(s) should take up most of your poster paper
c. A caption that gives the reason you feel most strongly about your opinion

Students Read and Took Notes on the following article:

Students marked places in the text that showed:
1. how the Tainos interacted with their environment
2. their values
3. culture
4. housing

No homework

No homework

Students received the websites and questions listed below in two packets that were sent home today.The homework is to complete all questions in their packet. All information is posted below so you can review with your child. Our focus question in looking at these cultures is to examine: "In what ways were these cultures advanced for their time?"

Mesoamerican Online Scavenger Hunt

In groups of two-three, you will participate in an online scavenger hunt about the Mesoamerican groups (the Incas, the Mayans and the Aztecs). You will answer sets of questions about each group based off sets of links that will be provided on the 8th Grade Social Studies Wiki page.

external image img_mt_map.gif
external image img_mt_map.gif

The Mayans

The collapse

1. What reasons are given for the collapse of the Mayan society?

The Mayan calendar

2. How did the Mayan mark the movement of time? Explain their process.
3. How many days were in the cycle?

Reading and Writing within Mayan culture

4. Based on the article, were reading and writing considered to be important? Explain your answer using at least ONE detail from the article.

The Aztecs
5. Based on the information, how important was education to the Aztecs? Explain your answer using at least TWO details from the website.
6. How was Aztec society divided?
7. Which language did the Aztecs speak? Is it still spoken today? If so, where?
8. Draw your favorite pictorgram or town glyph. Explain why you chose to draw that gram or glyph.

The Inca
9. Why were the Inca able to have a stable food supply? How did the Inca flourish (do well) with terrace farming? (look for the Terrace Farming link)
10. Describe the geography of the Inca. How did they prevent invasions? (look for the Geography link)

11. Describe the process in which the Inca were able to expand their empire. Do you think this was effective? Why or why not? (look for the Expansion link)

No homework

Complete Placards 1B, 1B,1D, and 1E
For extra credit: complete the remaining placards and Reading notes 1

Complete reading notes on Native Americans of the Southwest

Complete Preview 1. Make sure you discuss each section: shelter, clothing, and tools needed to gather food. Each section should be one paragraph and completed on looseleaf.

No homework

9/28/15 (Homework, due following day)
1. Using the handout you received in class, please label all the continents and color each continent a different color. Make sure your put a dividing line between Asia and Europe.

Classwork (completed in class)
Students completed Reading Notes 1.2 and 1.3 using their History Alive textbook, pages 5-7.
They also completed a writing response activity with a peer on the question: "Was it just for Ahmed Mohammed to be arrested at his school?"

9/25/15 (Homework, due Monday)
1. Go to your Pupil Path and view your Social Studies Grade.
2. Write a response on loose leaf in which you respond to the following questions in a 2 paragraph response:
a. What observations do you make about your Social Studies Grade. How are you doing in the different categories of the class.
b. How might you improve or maintain the grade in different parts of the class?
c. What questions/comments/concerns come up for you as you review your grade?

9/25/Classwork (completed during the class period)
We worked on thinking, reading, writing, and discussing the case of Ahmed Mohammed. We began the process of completing the worksheet below.

9/22/15 -9/24/15
No homework

9/22/15 Classwork (completed during period)
After modeling of artifact analysis by teacher(s) students analyze a peer's artifact. Below find the worksheet used in class.

9/21/15 (Homework: due tomorrow)
In your social studies notebook please create a cover for your notebook. Include your name and three sketches of topics you are interested in social studies. Make your cover (first page in the notebook) neat, colorful, and expressive of who you are this year!

1. Research information about Ahmed Mohammed who is fourteen year old student.

Go to the a news source:
New York Daily News
New York Times
New York Post
The Guardian
The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times
The Wall Street Journal

You may not use yahoo or google news for this assignment.

Step 1:
Choose an article from Ahmed Mohammed from one of newspaper websites listed above. Print out that article.

Step 2:
Complete a writing response of one to two paragraphs in which you address the following ideas:
1. Who is Ahmed Mohammed?
2. What happened?
3. Why did this happen?
4. Where does he live?

2. Please have your parents read and sign (and you too!) the course syllabus and the parent/guardian paper.

9/17/15 (Classwork) Completed in class.
In your table groups, please brainstorm and list guidelines that will make Social Studies a positive and engaging learning environment for all members of the classroom community. Make sure you say what we should do (i.e. Allow all students to have a voice instead of No making fun of others) in each guideline.

9/16/15 (Classwork) Completed in class.
Games Journal Entry
Please respond to the following in your composition notebook.
1. Why was it important to follow the rules of the game you played at your table? (i.e. Uno, Dominoes, checkers, etc.)
2. What would have happened if someone in the group did not follow the rules of the game?
3. Why is it important to follow the guidelines we come up with as a class?

9/11/15 (Homework)
Bring in an artifact that represents something that makes you, you. It can be a photograph, object, etc. Due Wednesday 9/16