PART ONE: Basic Information about North Carolina

StateMaster: (Information about N. Carolina's geography, population, and much more!)
PBS Newshour: (Compare North Carolina to other states.)
Census Quickfacts: (Basic government information about North Carolina.)
PBS Election Center: (Select your state for recent news stories.)

PART TWO: Government and Politics of North Carolina
StateMaster: (Information about North Carolina's government.)
New York Times Election Center: (North Carolina's past voting history)
CNN Election Center: (2004 election.)

  • Special Tip: Unlike other states, North Carolina recently published information on all of its registered voters. You can now see the total number of voters in North Carolina who are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, White, Black, Hispanic, etc. This information might help your group make a prediction! It is available on //this website//. Use the top row only ("Totals").

PART THREE: Current Events in North Carolina
PBS Election Center: (Click your state for recent news stories.)

Straits Times ARTICLE:

Newspaper Choices (click to go to that newspaper's website):
- The Charlotte Observer
- Raleigh News and Observer
- Greensboro News and Record
- The Winston-Salem Journal

New York Times Election Center: (Recent polling from North Carolina.)
CNN Election Center: (More recent polling from North Carolina.)